Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a professional debt settling strategy, are your services going to help me?

Indeed, Nationwide Debt Direct is your best solution for debt settlement and we pride ourselves in working with some of the most experienced professionals in this area. Having worked on many cases, we understand the procedures and practices we are bound to embrace to make the settlement process a smooth journey, and your problem regardless of its magnitude will be handed over to experts who have immense skills and knowledge to pursue solutions that are lasting.

How do you help your clients deal with aggressive creditors?

In debt settlement, dealing with creditors is one of the most difficult tasks especially when it is your first encounter. Most creditors resort to hiring debt collection agencies, who have no regard for your explanations or frustrations, something that leads to an extremely excruciating settlement process. Nationwide Debt Direct does not want you to go through this kind of torture and regardless of owing a lot of money, we will help by negotiating with creditors to make sure they offer better settlement terms. Our settlement experts are able to send requests to creditors to allow you to settle the debt without facing harassment, and they also recommend alternative settlement plans that you will also find viable.

I need help, how can I reach you immediately?

In the event that you realize you need emergency support to pursue a settlement case, you can contact us directly through our Contact Us page, where you will also find an email and a telephone number that you can call at any time of the day. Nationwide Debt Direct is also on social media including Facebook and Twitter, so you can also send us a message with your query through these channels. Our team responds within few minutes by giving you the most appropriate advice and support.

Does Nationwide Debt Direct support consumer credit counseling services?

For many years, people have been duped into believing that consumer credit counseling services are there to help them settle debt, but a keen look into these organizations reveals that they in most cases work in favor of creditors, and chances are you will not manage to easily clear your debts if you rely on them. That is why Nationwide Debt Direct recommends working with our debt settlement experts whose only focus is helping you clear your debts and claim your freedom.

Are your charges flexible?

Definitely they are. Nationwide Debt Direct works to help people clear debts and it would be against our principles to make it harder for them to pursue the settlement process. That is why as a company we have resorted to charging the lowest rates yet ensuring our clients access professional services that guarantee them a fair settlement arrangement. This is a company that allows for negotiation when it comes to payment rates and most of our customers are impressed that the core focus of Nationwide Deb Direct is eliminating the problems that come with having debts pending settlement.

I would like to clear my debts faster, how can Nationwide Debt Direct help me?

Everyone wants to get rid of debts and this is something that has remained a challenge to many people. With the immense pool of expertise and skills Nationwide Debt Direct possesses, offering a quicker debt settlement arrangement is part of our focus, and this is executed through the formulation of strategies that are forwarded to creditors for approval to allow you to have manageable terms of settlement. You are assured to enjoy a smooth repayment process and most importantly a shorter repayment period.

I am about to file bankruptcy, can Nationwide Debt Direct rescue me?

Yes we could do it; all that is needed is to review your debt and the relationship prevalent between your repayment and creditors you owe. Nationwide Debt Direct works on ensuring that none of our customers resorts to filing for bankruptcy, and this could only happen in the unlikely event that there are no options remaining to facilitate a settlement process. If your case can be rescued, our experts will work with creditors to offer an alternative settlement process that could lift the frustrations off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the peace you have longed for.