The Team

NDD staff members are highly trained and experienced to assist client’s with debt issues. Every year, our team of professionals manage huge sums of money in personal debts on behalf of clients. Under the NDD customized debt settlement plan, clients pay a low monthly payment for a reasonable period of time. This is easily attainable because the debt consultants will work with you to set up a payment plan that will work for you and negotiate favorable debt settlement terms with debt collectors and creditors on your behalf.

The debt negotiation and settlement process is designed to give you financial freedom and ultimately a peace of mind. The management team at Nationwide Debt Direct is led by highly resourceful personnel led by Mr. Peter Jacoves, who the company CEO and LLC Manager and Mr. Dennis Borgne Human Resource Department. The LLC members include Mr. Jeffrey Delage, Mr. Steven Brenner and Steve Collis. NDD is a member of D&B Platinum and the American Fair Credit Council.